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Not everyone has the luxury of time to plan a wedding. And others just want to crack on with the organisation. Typically, a Whirlwind Wedding at Holdsworth House is one that’s planned in just a few weeks or months, i.e. a wedding at short notice!

When many couples save up for years, why do others consider a whirlwind wedding?

Personal Milestones

Life events, such as a house move, a job change or the arrival of a baby might spur you to tie the knot quickly. Such a significant milestone in your life might prompt you to solidify your relationship sooner than you’d originally thought.

Family Circumstances

Family dynamics and politics can weigh heavily on your mind when it comes to your wedding invites. Do you have special friends or relatives you’re keen to invite, or some you’d rather find an excuse to exclude? Do you need to avoid certain dates that might clash with others, or cause you issues? Answering these questions honestly can influence the timing of your wedding and make sure key people can (or can’t) attend. You never know, a whirlwind wedding might be just the excuse you need.

Keeping it Low Key

There are plenty of people for whom a big, public wedding isn’t their thing. Lots prefer the intimacy or low-key nature of a quick wedding. In reality, it can big as big or as small as you want, but if a long, drawn-out engagement isn’t for you, a whirlwind wedding is the answer.

Seizing the Moment!

Life is unpredictable, and you may decide to seize the moment when you feel it's right. The spontaneity of a whirlwind wedding adds a fabulous layer of excitement and emotional intensity to your day. If you’re spontaneous by nature – or maybe you’ve had a recent epiphany – then you could benefit from a whirlwind wedding…


Planning a wedding on short notice might seem daunting, but in fact it can make things way easier. Here are five reasons to book a whirlwind wedding:

1. Reduced Stress and Decision Fatigue

With less time to plan, decisions need to be made quickly, which can actually reduce stress and decision fatigue. You can focus on the essentials and what’s truly important to you on your wedding day, avoiding the overwhelm of endless choices, prolonged planning and everyone’s two-penn’orth!

2. Simplified Planning

With less time to plan, your focus will naturally shift to essential elements. You can streamline your priorities, making it easier to coordinate and execute your vision without getting bogged down in minor details.

What’s more, an experienced wedding venue like Holdsworth House has comprehensive late-availability packages and a brilliant team that takes care of everything. We know what works and what doesn’t. We can advise you of the most popular wedding menu to please all your guests, and the ideal timings for your day… and so much more!

If you put your trust in a knowledgeable team, there’s absolutely no reason why a last-minute wedding isn’t as good as one that's planned out for years. Plus, you’ll also retain the excitement that comes from first getting engaged!

3. Budget Considerations

Probably the BIGGEST, most obvious benefit to a whirlwind wedding is the potential cost saving. Venues like Holdsworth House and wedding suppliers often offer discounts for last-minute bookings. It means you can get premium services at a fraction of the price, and you might be lucky and even get a deal on exclusive use.

Whilst popular weekend dates usually do sell out, we’re finding more couples are breaking with tradition and choosing a midweek wedding (Sunday to Thursday). Interestingly, we’re discovering that wedding guests love the change to midweek too, since it often means a break from work!

For couples whose jobs dictate the need get married on a weekend, e.g. teachers, Sundays are a great option. Or ask your preferred venue what Saturdays are still available: remember that cancellations do come up. Midweek weddings during school holidays and half term dates are an excellent choice as many guests will also be taking time off.

If you’re worried about good wedding suppliers being available at short notice, talk to us at Holdsworth House: over our 60+ years of hosting weddings we’ve worked with lots of brilliant suppliers. We know all the right people, we’re happy to put you in touch and – to reassure you that we have your best interests at heart – we never take commission from suppliers.

One final consideration is to have a winter wedding, they’ve boomed in recent years. An off-season wedding is typically November to March. For example, the premium Winter Wedding package at Holdsworth House is already reduced from the normal Pain Free package price. Plus, getting married in December or around Christmas is especially idyllic as Holdsworth House has its festive decorations up – saving you even more on decor costs!

Whatever wedding you choose (big, small, late deal or planned years out) Holdsworth House has a price promise – we will never increase the price once you've signed the contract.  We're truly transparent in our pricing and there are no hidden extras in late deals; the price you agree is the price you pay. And our late deals are truly as good as they look!

4. Intimacy and Personalisation

For Holdsworth House, a short notice wedding quite often means a smaller and more intimate celebration with close family and friends. For you it creates a truly personal and meaningful wedding experience, allowing you to spend quality time with each guest. Good news – Holdsworth House specialises in small weddings and we have some truly beautiful rooms and spaces, indoors and out, to hold your marriage or civil partnership. Our service is second to none and you’ll have our full attention for the duration of your event since we only allow one wedding per day.

5. Unromantic but Practical Tax Benefits to a Whirlwind Wedding!

Wholly unromantic we know! But there might be a financial reason and benefit to a whirlwind marriage or civil partnership. From transferring personal tax allowances to your partner, to inheritance tax, capital gains tax and tax reliefs and allowances – getting married has tax benefits that can bring important savings and protection to loved ones. Who said romance is dead?!

It's Your Choice

Whatever your reason for getting married, consider a whirlwind wedding. You can have all the excitement, fun and romance without the headaches, stress and cost – we don’t know why more couples don’t do it!

Photo by Liz Baker - one of the fab wedding photographers we'd recommend!