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Our motto is "anything is possible" and we're here to make your dream day a reality. Holdsworth House has one of the longest serving wedding teams in the business. Alongside our housekeepers, reception, restaurant and kitchen teams, we work tirelessly to deliver the best customer service and your most enjoyable wedding day possible. Want to know more? Read our Ask the Wedding Experts page.


General Manager, Chris

Chris Meehan is highly experienced and has risen through the ranks of hotel management in his hospitality career. Chris has worked at Holdsworth House for over 7 years and has always maintained outstanding customer service as his number one priority. Chris can make almost any wedding idea into a reality and leads many wedding show-round appointments.

Claire at Holdsworth House

Wedding & Events Manager, Claire

With almost 30 years' wedding and events management experience at Holdsworth House, Claire manages the wedding team and will often be the one conducting show rounds and answering couple's detailed questions. Claire's exceptional knowledge and expertise is second to none; she will ensure the i-s are dotted and t-s crossed for your wedding day. Read more about Claire.

Michelle Greenwood Holdsworth House Wedding coordinator

Weddings & Events Coordinator, Michelle

Michelle is a people person. With a background in restaurant management, Michelle knows how a successful event is run and she is fantastic at building great relationships with guests. Michelle will give you the confidence to bring your dream wedding to life through a high standard of care, attention to detail and customer service.

Ruby O'Callaghan Holdsworth House wedding coordinator

Wedding & Events Coordinator, Ruby

Ruby has worked at Holdsworth since she was 16, having started with the restaurant and bar team. Guests immediately warm to her wonderful enthusiasm, confidence and empathy. Ruby finds joy in contributing to the happiness of others, ensuring a seamless experience on a couple's wedding day and the lead-up to their event.

head chef Holdsworth House

Head Chef, Adam

In charge of delivering exceptional food, Adam and his brigade of chefs prepare your dishes with the same quality ingredients, freshness and presentation as our award-winning restaurant.


Pictures by wedding photographer Sarah Brabbin